About Us

So what is Go Speak English?

Go Speak English is an online, Social Media, English Video Learning Platform
Wow! ...and what can you do on Go Speak English?
You can learn English easily, meet new friends from all over the world, and have heaps of fun!
Sounds good! ...Anything else?
Well, Go Speak English Ltd was founded in 2012, by Steven Walthew, who's just a normal guy from a normal, but very special family in sunny Scotland (Thanks Mum, Dad, and Siss).
Steve has gained some pretty good English teaching experience over the years, but even he doesn't know everything about the English language as it's a continuous learning curve, but hey:
“Practise makes perfect!”
That's about it, really.

Ok, let's Go Speak English!

Registered Office
Go Speak English Ltd
Penhurst House
352-356 Battersea Park Road
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SW11 3BY
England. UK

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