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== About the Company ==

UUABC is an online education & technology company fully funded by 1Smart Education Group. 

UUABC focus on the online English training program designed for Chinese kids aged from 5 to 16 years old, mainly from the first-tier and second-tier cities. It employs a one-on-one online teaching style with teachers mainly from the US. 

== Job Responsibilities ==

1. Teach online ESL classes to students from 5-12 years old;
2. Preview lesson plans and courseware before classes;
3. Attend orientation and on-job training;
4. At least 6 hours per week's teaching time (minimum: 2hrs per night; two nights per week);

Monday--Friday :7pm -- 9:15pm
Saturday & Sunday: 5:15pm -- 9:15pm
Fixed schedule for 12 months.

Good Payment: $18 - $30 USD per hour.

== More About Us ==

1Smart Education is a leading education group invested by the well-known international investment group Bain Capital and founded by a team of education experts from Harvard University and Beijing University. 1Smart focuses on building a brighter future for students who are below 18 years old by developing their Power Learning ability.

The company combines the advantages from both the East and the West regarding teaching methodology, advocates the concept of ‘Truly Enjoyable and Highly Effective Study, and innovatively proposes four fundamental teaching principles, which are ‘Learning first while Teaching as complementary; Learning actively while interacting with fun.

We look forward to working with you!

Wechat: bigxx8



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