Speaking Practice

Find a speaking partner

Native English speakers with different accents, who are available for conversation in the following countries with different time zones: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Send a message to the speaking partner to ask them when they can have a conversation with you

Also ask them if they prefer to use Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Face time, Viber, or Google Hangouts.

When you have the conversation, you can do the following things:

Say hello, I'm .................. (your name)
Ask the other person "How are you?"
Talk about the weather
Talk about the food you like
Talk about sport
Talk about your hobbies and interests
Talk about travelling
Talk about what you did yesterday
Talk about what you are going to do tomorrow or at the weekend
Say “thank you”, and then “see you again soon...bye!”

Speaking Practice Members


  • Avoid talking about sensitive subjects such as Politics or Religion.
  • Never exchange credit card details or any other forms of payment. The service is completely free.
  • Do not give your home address to strangers.
  • Be careful not to give too much personal information.
  • If anyone asks you to meet them in person, then only do so in a public place, and go together with a responsibile adult who you know and trust.
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