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How to say No

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Hi there!


Do you sometimes find it difficult to say: No?


Well, whenever someone asks us to do something, it's always best to answer in an honest way, and to be straight to the point by giving an objective reply.


Intelligent, and rationally thinking people will always appreciate an answer which is direct and honest.


So here are some examples of how to say: No, to certain questions, in different situations:


If your busy and your boss asks you:

Can you do these photocopies for me?


Then you could reply:

I would, but unfortunately, I really have to finish this project by the end of today, as our client needs to present his new product, tomorrow morning. Would it be ok if someone else does them? At this point, your boss will probably say "No" and fire you!


If you're tired and a friend asks you to go out:

Do you want to go out for a few drinks tonight?


Then you could say:

I'd love to Sarah, but I'm really tired because I've been working overtime all week. Thanks anyway for the offer.


If some friends have invited you to dinner after several times that you have already said no:

So can you come round to our place for dinner this Saturday?


Then you could say:

Thanks for inviting me again, and I really will come sooner or later! The problem is that I have a few personal issues to resolve. Thanks again though, and I hope to see you again soon.


If a friend asks you to go trekking with them:

Hey, do you want to go trekking up Mont Blanc tomorrow?


Then you could say:

That sounds like a fantastic trek, but I've already got a skiing trip organised for tomorrow.

Thanks all the same, and we'll keep in touch for the next time.


So, even now that you know how to say: No, I bet you can't say: No, to watching another fantastic video lesson on GoSpeakEnglish!

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Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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