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Lend Borrow

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Hi there!

During this lesson we're going to learn the differences between: lend and: borrow.

Both Lend and Borrow are actions based on permission granted by the owner of an object, which allows another person to use the object temporarily, and then give it back to the owner.

To Lend is when person A gives an object to person B to be used for a temporary period of time.

To Borrow is when person B receives or takes an object from person A, to be used for a temporary period of time.

Both Lend and Borrow can be used, and they have very similar meanings, but it depends on how the sentence is structured, and whether the object is given or received.

Lend is slightly more polite than Borrow, because it refers to giving rather than receiving or taking.

For example: Can you lend me your car tomorrow? This means that I'm asking if you can give me your car temporarily.

I could also say: Can I borrow your car tomorrow? This means that I'm asking if I can receive or take your car temporarily.

Here are some other examples: I usually lend my camera to my friend, once a month. This means that I normally give my camera to my friend, for temporary use, one time every month.

I could also say: My friend usually borrows my camera from me, once every month. This means that my friend receives or takes my camera from me, for temporary use, one time every month.

So, now that you know the difference between lend and borrow, try chatting with some new friends on GoSpeakEnglish to see what they say when you ask them if they can lend you a million pounds, and in exchange you'll borrow a million pounds from them!

And that's the end of this lesson!

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Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!

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