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Off Work

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Hi there!


When you're not feeling well, or you're on holiday, there are some different ways of explaining the reasons why you are not at work or school.


Here are some examples:


I'm off work today. Hehe!

This means that I'm not at my workplace today, but without explaining the reason.


He's off work, ill this week.

This means that he's not at his workplace this week because he's ill or sick, or he's not feeling well or healthy.


She was off work sick, yesterday.

This means that she was not at her workplace yesterday because she was ill or sick. You can also say: She wasn't feeling very well yesterday.


However, if you say:

She is sick of work

Then that means that she is bored or tired with the work she does in general; she doesn't like doing her job.


He took sick leave for a week because he has to have an operation.

This means that he is not going to work for a week because he needs an operation.


She's on maternity leave until the end of September.

This means that she has had a baby, and she will return to work at the end of September.


I'm not at the office today

This means that I might be working, but instead of working at the office, I'm meeting clients at their offices, or I'm working from home.


He's not in the office right now, but he come in this afternoon.

This means that he's not in the office this morning, but there's a possibility that he might come to the office in the afternoon.


I'll be out of the office from the 25th of May until the 2nd of June.

This means that I won't be at the office between those 2 dates.

This sentence is often used in automatic email replies to inform other people about when the person will next be available.


My collegue is on holiday until the 31st of August.

This means that I'm telling you that my work collegue will return to work on the 31st day of August.


So now that you know how to talk about not being at work,

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Thanks, and I hope to see you again, very soon!



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