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Phrasal Verb To Get

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Hi there!

During this lesson, we're going to take a quick look at the phrasal verb: To Get

Here's the English paradigm for the verb: To Get
Simple presente: Get
Simple past: Got
Past participle: Got
Or in American English: Gotten

The word: Get, has many different uses, and it essentially expresses a change of state, from one thing, to another thing, from not having something, to having something, or from not doing something, to doing something. It's also often used as a synonym to substitute words which are obvious in any given context. So let's look at an example which roughly explains how Get works.

Here we go:
A man got into a swimming pool, then he got to the other side, then he got out, then he went to the changing rooms to get dressed, then he got out of the swimming pool, and he got into his car to get home.

Get is everywhere!

So let's look at all that information again:
A man got into a swimming pool. He changed state from not being in the swimming pool, to being in the swimming pool, but in this case it doesn't matter how he got into the swimming pool, if he jumped, he dived, he fell in - it doesn't matter. He got into the swimming pool.

Then he got to the other side, means that he reached the other side of the swimming pool. He either swam, or walked - it doesn't matter, it's not explained.

He arrived from not being at the other side of the pool, to being at the other side of the pool. Then he got out of the pool. He got out means, he left the swimming pool. Once again, it doesn't matter whether he climbed out of the stairs, he jumped out - he got out. 
So he became from not out of the pool, to out of the pool. Change of state.

Then he went to the changing rooms to get dressed.

So this means he changed state from not being dressed, to being dressed. Ok then he got out of the building - the swimming pool, and got into his car to get home. So he exited the swimming pool, he left the swimming pool, so he became from not outside the swimming pool, to outside the swimming pool - he got out of the pool.

Then he got into his car. That means he entered his car. So he became from not inside his car, to inside his car, and then he got home - he arrived home.

So basically, Get is a concept. It's a thing you need to get used to, and listen to English native speakers using it so that you can understand when and where to use it. OK?

And that's the end of this lesson!

Now, see if you've understood the video and do the test on GoSpeakEnglish. There are many other English video lessons on GoSpeakEnglish.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!

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