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Hi there!


Whenever you speak English, it's really important to quantify everything you say.

You have to QUANTIFY or LIMIT whatever you say, to allow other people to clearly understand how much or how little you do something, or how big or how small an object is, or how fast or how slow something is.


Here are some examples of Quantifying words and expressions:


How fast is their car compared with ours?

It's FAR slower than ours.

It's NOT NEARLY as fast as ours.

It's NOT QUITE AS fast AS ours.

It's ALMOST AS fast AS ours.

It's JUST a bit slower than ours.

It's JUST AS fast AS ours.

It's JUST a LITTLE BIT faster than ours

It's WAY faster than ours.


How MUCH cake would you like?

Just a LITTLE BIT please

Can I have an ENORMOUS piece?


Do you like apples AT ALL?

Yeah, I REALLY like them A LOT

No, I don't REALLY like them THAT MUCH


How OFTEN does he play football?

He HARDLY EVER plays ANYMORE because he had a leg injury

He plays ALMOST EVERY weekend


Does she STILL play beach volley?

No, she stopped playing A FEW YEARS AGO

Yeah, but she ONLY has time to go EVERY NOW AND THEN

Yeah, she goes TWICE a week


Why do they STILL go on holiday to Greece?

Well, they USED TO go there UP UNTIL LAST YEAR, but now they've started going to other places.

Yeah, they go there EVERY Summer because it's PRETTY cheap, and it's NEARLY ALWAYS sunny.


Do you want to go skiing AGAIN this weekend?

Yeah ok, but I don't want to spend AS MUCH money AS last time.

No, I can't because I don't REALLY have ENOUGH money.



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