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See Look Watch

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Hi there!

During this lesson we're going to learn the differences among the words: See, Look, and Watch

The word See is used when something is front of our eyes, and if our eyes are open we're able to see the object in a voluntary or even involuntary way.

For example, if there's a small rabbit on top of a mountain which is quite far away, then you could ask another person: Hey! Can you see the rabbit on top of that mountain over there?

Then the word Look is used when we try to use our eyes in a voluntary way to concentrate on it visually.
You can either look for something, or you can look at something.

For example, first you need to look for a new house, and then you can look at it in detail.

Then there are the words search and seek which are similar to the expression to look for, but the word search is normally used when searching among many objects, and the word seek is normally used when seeking for something which is difficult to find.

Next, the word Watch is used when we use our eyes in a voluntary way to concentrate on something which is either moving or happening at that moment.

For example, you can watch a horse running, or you can watch a programme on the tv.

Now, here are some examples of how to use the words see, look, and watch in the same situation, but to express different things:

If I say: Can you see Harry, my dog?
This means that I'm asking you if you are able to see my dog with your eyes, either because he's hidden or because I've lost him.

Then if I say: Look at Harry, he's really dirty after walking through the muddy track!

This means that I'm telling you to look at the physical appearance of my dog.

Then if I say: Can you watch my dog for a minute?

This means that I need to leave my dog for a minute, and I'm asking you if you can watch him with attention to make sure that he behaves himself or that he doesn't run away.

And that's the end of this lesson!

Now you can see if you've understood the video, and do the test on GoSpeakEnglish. You can also watch many other English video lessons on GoSpeakEnglish.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!

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