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Hi there!

During this lesson we're going to learn how to talk about smoking.

In Britain, people tend to smoke less these days and it's becoming more and more antisocial, but just so you know, here are some terms related to smoking.

It's important to note that most people obey No Smoking signs, wherever they are placed, and even when smoking is permitted, it's polite to ask other people nearby you whether or not it would be ok for you to smoke.

If you're not sure if you're allowed to smoke in a certain area, you could ask someone: Scuse, is it ok to smoke here?.

If on the other hand, you know that you're in a smoking area, but there are other people nearby you, then it's still polite to ask: Scuse, do you mind if I smoke?

When you buy a packet of cigarettes you say: Can I have twenty Marlboros please? or: Can I have ten Benson and Hedges please?

People from the UK don't normally say: Can I have a packet of cigarettes?.

The person you are buying the cigarettes from, would understand you, but he or she may be confused about the way in which you asked the question.

If you don't have a cigarette lighter, you can say: Scuse me, do you have a light on you? or: Scuse me, have you got a light please?

In the UK, it's normal to offer your friends a cigarette, but nowadays it's not really acceptable to ask a stranger if they can give you a cigarette. This is due to the high cost of cigarettes.

Before smoking a cigarette or a cigar, you might need to ask someone for an ashtray. Scuse me, could I have an ashtray please?

So, these are a few ways of talking about smoking;
Even though you shouldn't smoke in the first place!
Most guys and girls on GoSpeakEnglish don't smoke...try asking them...and instead of smoking, try just getting hot!

And that's the end of this lesson!

Now you can see if you've understood the video, and do the test on GoSpeakEnglish. You can also watch many other English video lessons on GoSpeakEnglish.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!

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