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Some and Any

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Hi there!

During this lesson we're going to learn how the differences between: Some and: Any.

Generally speaking, you use the word some with positive statements and you use the word any with negative statements, and questions whenever you don't know if the answer will be yes or no.

Here are some examples:
There's some milk in the fridge, or
There isn't any milk in the fridge
Is there any milk in the fridge?

When asking questions, you can actually use either: some or: any, but it depends if you're more certain or less certain about the thing you're asking.

For example, if your friend gives you some milk, but then it finishes and you have a certain idea that there might be some more milk in the fridge, then you could ask them: Is there some more milk in the fridge?;
but if you don't know if there's any more milk in the fridge, then you would say: Is there any more milk in the fridge?

And here are some other examples of when you can use the word some with questions:

If you have friends at your house for dinner, you could say: Would you like some coffee now?
In this case you use the word some because you know that you have coffee, and you also have a certain idea that your friends would like some coffee after dinner.

Then if you're in someone's house and you say: Can I have some water please? As you know that almost everyone has water to drink in their house, you use the word some.

So now that you know when to use: some and: any, try finding some new friends on GoSpeakEnglish and ask them some original questions to see if you get any strange answers!

And that's the end of this lesson!

Now you can see if you've understood the video, and do the test on GoSpeakEnglish. You can also watch many other English video lessons on GoSpeakEnglish.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!

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