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Still Yet

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Hi there!

So what are the differences among the words: Still, Yet, Already, and Again?


Well, they all have similar meanings, but there are some important differences.


Here are some examples with each one:


Is Steve still not here?

This means that I'm expecting Steve to arrive here soon, but when I say the word: Still, it means that I think that Steve should already be here. So Steve is later than expected.


Is Steve still here?!

This means that I didn't expect Steve to be here at the moment in which I'm speaking, and that I thought that he had gone away.


Is Steve here yet?

This means that I'm expecting Steve to arrive, but he hasn't arrived at the moment in which I'm speaking. Steve isn't late, but when I use the word: Yet, I'm just asking if that action has been completed or not.


Is Steve here already?!

This means that Steve has arrived, earlier than I expected. When I say the word: Already, it means that I'm surprised that Steve has arrived before the time I expected him to arrive.


Is Steve here again?!

This means that I'm asking if Steve is here another time. When I say the word: Again, it means that I'm asking if the action of Steve having arrived, has been repeated another time, because maybe he comes here often, or more than I expected.


Now you can see if you've understood this video, and do the test on GoSpeakEnglish.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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