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Swearing and Bad Words

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Hi there!


You don't need to use swear words, but you have to understand them because if someone swears at you, then you need to know what they're saying!


So here are some common swear words:


Sh*t – This literally means the smelly, sticky brown stuff that you produce when you go to the toilet, but it can be used in many different ways.

Oh sh*t, I forgot to send my friend a message about the party tonight.

I don't like this movie, it's really sh*t.

I think you're talking a load of sh*t.

He won a million euros on the lottery. No sh*t!


Crap – This also means the smelly, sticky brown stuff that you do when you go to the toilet, but it's a lighter version of the word: Sh*t.

Oh crap, it's started raining and I don't have an umbrella with me.

That art exhibition was a heap of crap.

He got really drunk last night and was talking a load of crap.


Bullsh*t – This literally means the smelly, sticky brown stuff that a bull leaves in a field, but it can be used as a fairly light swear word.

That advert is bullsh*t. It can't be true what they said.

I like eating rotten shark meat. Bullsh*t! I don't believe you.


F*ck – This literally means to have sexual intercourse, but it can be used in many, many different ways.

Oh f*ck, I haven't got enough money to pay for dinner.

I can't go skiing this weekend, but f*ck it; I can go trekking instead.

What the f*ck was that loud noise?!

Where the f*ck is Fred? He should have got here 2 hours ago!

F*ck him, we'll just go to the party without him.

I can't understand how to do this f*cking English test.

Where's Jane? F*cked if I know!

I didn't do any work on that project, so I'm realy f*cked now! My boss will f*cking kill me!

F*ck off!

F*ck you! Note that: F*ck you, is much heavier and more offensive compared with: F*ck off.


Bugger – This literally means to have anal sex, but it's quite a light swear word which you can use without being offensive.

Oh bugger! I can't open this bottle of beer.

You're a cheeky bugger! Stop making fun of that old lady.

Bugger off!


Hell – This literally means, that underground place full of fire, where the devil lives, but also this swear word can be used in many different situations and contexts.

What the hell are they shouting for?!

Where the hell are my keys?!

Go to hell!


Bloody – This literally means, something which is covered with blood, but here are some examples of how it can be used.

I can't get to work today, because the bloody trains are on strike.

Where's my bloody cat gone? I haven't seen it for 3 days.

Bloody hell! My scooter has broken down. Now I'll have to walk there.


Bollocks – This literally means, testicles, but this exclamation can also be used in different situations.

Oh bollocks! I've lost my car keys.

That politician is talking a load of bollocks. What he said can't be true.

The word bollocks, can also be used in a positive way:

That movie is the dog's bollocks! This actually means that the movie is really good.


So, now that you know about a few swear words, why don't you bugger off, watch one of the f*cking videos on GoSpeakEnglish, and then try the bloody quiz!

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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