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The Bathroom

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Hi there!
As you can see, I'm in the bathroom, on the toilet!
The toilet paper is finished!
Don't you just hate that?
Luckily, I have another one.
That could have been an emergency!
Here we go...
I'm now, going to flush the toilet...this is the toilet...I'm going to flush the toilet with the flusher.
So now, I'm flushing the toilet. Helloooohhh!
And now, I'll turn the flusher off.
This is the toilet seat.
It's best to keep it down, otherwise your wife or girlfriend could get annoyed!
Then it's a good idea to put the toilet seat lid down as well. This is the toilet seat lid.
Here we have the toilet brush; the toilet brush. That's for cleaning the toilet with.
This is a basket or a bin, and I've thrown the old toilet roll into the bin.
This is the toilet roll, so you can tear off two or three sheets of toilet paper...
and wipe your bum!
This is a bidet; this is a bidet, and it's used to wash your butt and your private parts.
So, you put the plug in, open the tap...turn on the tap, and fill up the bidet.
It's now filling up with water.
Turn the tap back off, and let the water drain down the sink.
Hi there!
Here we have...this is me in front of the mirror.
Do you like my Go Speak English t-shirt, by the way? Go Speak English.
I'm in front of the mirror, so I can see myself and I'm talking to you, you can see me, and we're all happy...and this is the bathroom sink. Ok?
So, I'm going to put...this is a plug...put the plug into the sink, and turn on the tap
to fill the sink up.
So now the sink is filling up...oohh, ouch! That's too hot, so I'll add some cold water.
That's better. So now I'm waiting for the sink to fill up...
and I'm going to use some liquid soap...wash my hands...I'm going to wash my hands with some liquid soap.
So now I'm washing my hands...nice smell! Can you smell that?!'s aloe vera, so very nice.
Turn the tap back on and rinse my hands under running water.
There we go!
Now I'm going to turn the tap off...I've turned the tap back off...and take the plug out.
There we go.
Next! I need to dry my hands, because they're all wet.
So, there's a towel on the radiator...this is a radiator.
A radiator is warm, so it keeps the towel nice and dry and warm...
and I'm now drying my hands on the towel; I'm drying my hands on the towel.
There we go.
Over here, there's the shower. It's a shower with sliding...sliding doors.
These doors are semi-transparent, or translucent you could say.
Now I'll slide them back open again...
and this is the actual shower head; the shower head itself.
So you turn on the shower, and turn it back off with the tap...this is the tap.
What else can I show you?
I have a...I actually have a collection of minature boats.
These are different sailing boats...I quite like those.
Here we have toothpaste; toothpaste, and a toothbrush.
So you take the top off the toothpaste...take the top off the toothpaste...the toothpaste tube, put some toothpaste onto your toothbrush...we'll put the top back on, and you brush your brush your teeth with the toothbrush.
You have to be careful, not to confuse your toothbrush with the toilet brush over there...
you don't want to do that!
So, then you rinse...rinse the toothbrush under running water to get the toothpaste off,
and put the toothpaste and toothbrush back into the pot.
Then we have...this is a roll-on deodorant; a roll-on deodorant.
So take the top off and you screw this out...
and you put's an underarm deodorant...
obviously under your roll roll it under your arms so that you smell nice.
Put that back.
There are also...this is a spray deodorant. It's a different kind of deodorant.
So you spray that.
Nice smell! It's a very nice smell actually!
Then you have...this is a mouthwash.
This is used to freshen your breath, so you open...take the tap off...the top off,
drink drink some; drink some, and then you gargle with it.
"Gargle" means to put liquid in your throat, keep it there, and then go (gargling sound)
and it freshens your teeth and keeps your teeth clean.
So...put that back.
We have...there's a nail's a nail brush.
So you can use a nail brush...obviously you put some soap on and use it to...
to clean your nails. Ok?
In here...this is my toilet bag, for girls you can call it a beauty case, but it's a toilet bag,
and we have an electric razor or shaver, and this is a razor blade...a normal razor.
So you can can either shave with an electric shaver...
you can shave your beard with an electric razor...electric shaver,
or with this...a normal razor...a razor blade.
So with this you need to use shaving cream...shaving foam, beg your pardon.
It's called shaving foam, and you shave with this.
Put these back...there we go.
What else can I show you? What else can you do in the bathroom?
Washing! Here we go...this is my laundry basket, or washing basket, and it's where I keep my dirty clothes.
So...and this is, of course, the washing machine. Ok?
I've actually already put my dirty clothes...towels, t-shirts, jeans...
I've already put my dirty clothes into the washing machine.
So now I'm going to...
what am I going to do?
I'm going to...I've lost the ball. There we go...
I'm going to put some washing liquid into this plastic ball.
Ok? I've put...I've filled it half full. That's enough.
Then I'll put the plastic ball into the washing machine,
and close the door.
Then. This is a dial; a dial, with which you select the program. So I'll put it on number four.
The temperature...this is another dial which is to select the temperature. Ok?
So I want to wash my clothes at forty degrees centigrade. So that's forty degrees centigrade there...
and this dial is for the spinner, so it will spin the clothes at one thousand revolutions per minute, which will dry my will get the water out of my clothes so that they will dry quicker...more quickly when I hang them up to dry.
This is the on/off button here; here, switch the washing machine on;
the lights come on, and this is the start button...
and the washing machine starts to wash my clothes.
It's now filling up with water and it will begin to wash the clothes automatically. Ok?
And that's about everything you can do in a bathroom!
So! Now you can watch this video a few times, try and do the quiz on Go Speak English,
and see how clever you are!
Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon. Bye!

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