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Through Across

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Hi there!


So what are the differences between the words: Through, and Across?


Here are some examples of how to use each of them:


You drive through a tunnel, but you drive across a desert.


You can also walk across a road, or cross over a brige.


Confusing eh?!


So what's the difference?


Well, the word: Through, is used when we are talking about closed, or semi-closed spaces, such as a tunnel, a forest, or park full of trees.


The word: Across, is used when we are talking about open or semi-open spaces which are flat, such as a desert, a road, or a park without trees.


And the words: Cross over, are used when we are talking about open or semi-open spaces, and when the action we do has an upward curve to it.

For example, you cross over a bridge because bridges are often curved upwards.


So do you walk through a park, or do you walk across it?


Well, you can say both.


If you say: I walked through a park. This means that the park had trees in it, therefore, it was a semi-closed space.


But if you say: I walked across a park. This means that the park was an open space, and it didn't have any trees in it.


Isn't that just amazing?!


English is great in that way because you can give extra pieces of information, without even saying them!


And that's the end of this lesson!


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Thanks! And I hope to see you again soon!



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