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Time Sayings

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Hi there!


During this lesson, we're going to look at some time expressions which allow us to talk about when things happen.


Today – I'm doing a lot of work today.

Yesterday – I did a lot of work yesterday.

Tomorrow – I'm going to do a lot of work tomorrow.


On Monday morning – I'll see you on Monday morning then!

On Tuesday afternoon – Can we meet up on Tuesday afternoon?

On Wednesday night – She can't go to the cinema on Wednesday night.

On Thursdays – I only go to do the shopping on Thursdays when there is late night shopping.

Every Friday – They go to the pub almost every Friday after work.

At the weekend – What are you going to do at the weekend?


In the morning – On weekdays, I get up at 7°clock in the morning.

At lunchtime – We can talk about the other project at lunchtime.

In the afternoon – I don't have to work this afternoon.

At night – In the Summer, we have dinner at night when it's cooler.

In the evening – They like to go out for a walk in the evening.


Now – I can't help you now because I'm busy, but I can help you later.

Before – Can you help me before you leave the office?

After – We'll be able to go home after we finish this job.


This week – I can't go on holiday this week, because I have to finish an important project.

Last month – I went on holiday last month.

Next year – I would like to go on holiday to Scotland next year.


On time – We got to the office just on time for the meeting which started at 9°clock.

In time – He arrived late, but he was still in time to see the second half of the presentation.

Early – If you get to the theatre early, you'll have to wait before you can get in.

Late – He always gets to work late because he wakes up late.

Earlier – I got to the office earlier than ususal, so I went for a coffee.

Later – I have to work until 8°clock tonight, so can come to dinner later?


Straight away – I'll send that email straight away so that our client knows what we're doing.

Immediately – Take your feet off the table immediately!

A long time ago – Oil lamps were used a long time ago

A while ago – We went skiing a while ago; more than 7 months have passed already.

Soon – I will get my new car soon so I'll be able to drive you to school.

In a while – I'll take the dog out for a walk in a while.

Later on – We can go to the beach later on in the year when it's warmer.

Further ahead – The builders are busy now, so they'll start building the new house further ahead, in the Spring.

In the future – You'll be able to drive a car in the future, when you're 18 years old.


In a minute – There's no need to rush, we'll be there in a minute.

In a half an hour – It only takes half an hour to walk from my house to the gym.

As soon as possible (ASAP) – Can you manage to send me an email with the spreadsheet asap?

As urgently as possible – He needs to repair my computer as urgently as possible, so that I can start working again.

Before the end of today – We have to finish this project before the end of today!

No more than 24 hours – We will send your order in no more than 24 hours.

In less than 3 days – They can ship all of the products to us in less than 3 days.

In a couple of days – Can I prepare the file for you in a couple of days from now?

In about 2 days – The parcel should get here in about 2 days.

By Thursday at the latest – I'll deliver your order by Thursday at the latest.

By the end of this week – Could you give me some feedback by the end of this week?

No later than Friday – This urgent campaign has to be completed and launched, no later than Friday.

Anytime between Tuesday and Thursday – I'll be free, anytime between Tuesday and Thursday.

In 2 or 3 weeks – He said that the samples will get there in 2 or 3 weeks.

Up to a week – Their delivery times can take up to a week.

No longer than a month – I'll give you no longer than a month to finish the job!

In about a month from now – The roadworks are planned to begin in about a month from now.

There's no rush at all – You can take your time, there's no rush at all.

Within 6 months – We will probably see the results of the operation within 6 months.

The other day – I went out for dinner the other day, after a long time that I hadn't been to a restaurant.

A few days ago – The accident only happened a few days ago, so the victims are still in hospital.

In this period – We've been working a lot in this period.

Over the next few weeks – We'll have to work harder over the next few weeks otherwise we won't be able to complete the project on time.

For a week – I was off work for a week because I was ill.

During this month – There will be a lot of rain during this month due to the monsoon season.

From Friday night until Monday morning – We'll be out of the office from Friday night until Monday morning because we'll be at the trade fair in London.

Since last month – I've only been working here since last month, so I still need to learn a few more things.

Since 1995 – He's been going to Greece on holiday every single year, since 1995!


And that's about it for now!

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Thanks, and I hope to see you again, very soon!



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