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Useful Everyday Actions 2

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Hi there!


During this lesson, I'm going to show you some very useful everyday actions.


So, here we go!


I'm going to open a door.


And now, I'm opening a door.


I opened a door.




It's open.


I'm going to close the door.


I'm now closing the door.


I closed the door.




It's closed.


I'm going to pick up a chair, and put it under the table.


So now, I'm picking up a chair, and putting it under the table.




It's under the table.


I'm going to sit down.


I'm sitting down.


I sat down. So now I'm sitting.


I'm going to stand up.


I'm standing up.


I stood up. So now, I'm standing.




I'm going to turn on a tap.


I'm turning on a tap.


I turned on a tap.




It's on.


Now, I'm going to turn off the tap.


I'm turning off the tap.


I turned off the tap.




It's off.


I'm going to turn on a light.


I'm turning on the light.


I turned on the light.




It's on.


I'm going to turn the light off.


I'm turning the light off.


I turned the light off.


It's all dark!


I can't see anything.




I'm going to pick up a mug.


I'm picking up a mug.


I picked up a mug.


I'm going to put the mug down.


I'm putting the mug down.


I put the mug down.



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