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Driving 2

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I'm now coming up to another traffic light; another set of traffic lights.
It's just gone amber, and now red, so I have to stop.
You can just see the traffic light in the corner over here.
It's red at the moment...
and when it goes green, I'll be able to go.
In Great Britain, the traffic lights have a different sequence.
They go from red, red and amber, green, amber, red.
Here there is a pedestrian crossing, so I have to stop...
we have to stop to let the pedestrians across;
now I can go, but there's also a give way sign before the roundabout;
I'm at a roundabout, so I now continue to go round the roundabout...
I'm now going around the roundabout, and I'm going to take the second exit off the roundabout,
and I'm going straight through this set of traffic lights because they were green.

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