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How to build a Truna

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Hi there!
During this lesson, I'm going to show you how to build a truna;
otherwise known as an Eskimo snow hole where you sleep.
This is the place where I did it last night.
These are my snow show rackets.
Snow shoe rackets and nordic walking poles.
You need those to balance yourself when you're walking in the snow.
With these, you just put your feet in...
and then clip yourself in.
Let's take a look at the truna.
This is the entrance.
I dug a hole...
with a slope to go down into the main tunnel,
which is here,
and I piled the snow up on top of the roof,
so that I could gain the height
to build a cave inside...
inside the truna.
So! Let's go inside and look.
Here we go; nice and cosy.
Here we go...
and this is my truna.
This is the entrance to the tunnel to outside,
there we go.
It's quite dark in here so
we'll get some light on.
This is quite a clever torch which comes out
and acts as a lamp.
So, this is the entrance.
I dug this cave
There you go
As you can see, I'm very red in the face;
I got too much sun yesterday when I went snow shoe trekking.
And this is a raised level bed,
so that all the warm air collects in this area,
and the cold air remains down here, in theory!
This is my rucksack; it's a hundred litre rucksack,
and I used this to block the entrance
to a certain extent.
So it blocked some of the air coming in
while I was sleeping.
This, is the foldable shovel
which I used to dig out the tunnel;
the truna.
It's very good; it's foldable;
the head is adjustable,
so you can either have it folded,
or straight.
As you can see it has a serated edge and a point,
so that you can dig it into...
dig it into harder snow; more compact snow.
So while I was sleeping, I kept this near my bed,
so that I could dig myself out in the case in which
the roof fell down.
When you sleep in a truna, you have two water bottles;
two drinking bottles.
This one actually contains pee, because
when you're in your sleeping bag, in a truna,
you do not want to go outside in the cold,
in the middle of the night, for a pee.
So that is my toilet, and you don't want to confuse it
with the other water bottle which is inside
my sleeping bag, which is for drinking water!
So, let's take a look at how I made the bed.
There's a waxed ground sheet, this is a camping mattresss;
it's waterproof.
Then there's an inflatable mattress;
you blow this up; it's a self-inflating mattress. Ok?
Then you put your sleeping bag...
your sleeping bag...
you have a sleeping bag,
which goes upto minus...
goes down to minus 24 degrees centigrade (Oops! "Down to" not "up to")
Eh...but it's just an indicator
when you're obviously dressed,
you have some warm clothes inside the sleeping bag;
you can sleep at (not "to"!) about minus 24 degrees centigrade.
So you put this sleeping bag, inside a bivouac bag;
which is this.
This can be made of nylon or Goretex
and it's a waterproof sack
which you put your sleeping bag in.
And that's where you sleep.
this is a truna.
Not bad eh?!
Go up like this...
and lie down...
Very cosy;
It was nice and warm.

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