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Survival 2a

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Hi there!
So, I'm here by the river; by the Torrente Boreca which is a tributary river of the Trebbia, which flows into the Po.
The nearest town is called Belnome.
I can't think too straight because it's very warm!
I'm right by the river...
surrounded by trees...
and this is my lean-to shelter.
There's a rock face here, all inside as well
So I've used that as part of the shelter.
I built this...just about finished here.
This is the structure.
So it's all well camouflaged...all these poles round the back.
That's where I'm keeping my firewood, just there.
I'm falling all over the place!
Moving back into...we'll go into the shelter now.
So on the ground, I've laid all the leaves I've chopped off the branches for the main structure which is here.
I'm going to leave a gap in the top so that the smoke from this fire will come out ok.
Hopefully this rock face should heat up and throw some heat across to me, where I'll be sleeping in this area here.
That's my backpack...and obviously looking at the ground here.
I'll be lighting the fire later; it's not cold at all.
This is my machete. Great tool. It was excellent for cutting down all the trees.
So, now I'm going to see if the trap I laid earlier, has got any fish in it.

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