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Survival 2b

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And this is the Indian fishing trap.
It's in the shape of, roughly, in the shape of an "M".
I've blocked the entrance off here with stones, which reaches the river, the riverside.
This side as well...a few berries in there to see if the fish are interested...
and here we have a kind of "M" structure which is open, it's open at this point here.
So the fish, in theory, should swim in here, in through here exactly...
They can't get out...they could physically, but they're scared and a bit daft, so they can't get out, and hopefully tomorrow morning, I'll find a couple of fish here or here in one of the "M"s here, or here, in one of the points of the "M".
Moving on shack is there, inside, in the middle of the forest.
So, it's now seven o'clock in the evening.
Not had any lunch...getting a bit hungry.
I've got heaps of water; I've just filtered the water from the river; it's great.
I saw a fish...there are fish in here...small, about this big, but it's know.
Ehh...we'll see.
Yeah...the water's fine; I've got my MSR, Canadian pump and I'm just using that to filter the water and drink it straight, as it is.
So, let's see what the night brings for us...I'll go and light my fire soon.
Forgot to tell you...I've caught some tadpoles and very small frogs, and a big snail, which I'll probably cook tonight on the fire...
boil them in the pan.
This is my trusty pan. I brought it with me because as you can see, I've got a big, chunky snail...
look at that! That's going to be my dinner tonight...big, slimy, chunky snail...
and, we have a load of tadpoles in here. There's even a larger frog in there. I'll just get him out.
See! That doesn't look to great...a little frog, but I think, if I'm hungry enough, he's going to get eaten.
That's my dinner for tonight.
Exotic stuff eh!

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