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So, why should I use the Read and Record service on GoSpeakEnglish? Because...PRONUNCIATION is Really important when speaking English! Just register or log on, and you'll gain access to our original Read and Record service!

* You can record your own voice while reading the video text in the Video Learning section, then compare your pronunciation with that of the speaker in the original video.

* You can even send your recording to be corrected by a GoSpeakEnglish professional (pay service)

Improve English Pronunciation Free

So why do I have to be so careful when pronouncing English words?

1. The English language contains many words which have been adopted from foreign languages, and whenever a new word is integrated into English, a few interesting things happen...

* The spelling of the new word is kept as close as possible to the original foreign word, but changed to make it easily pronouncable by native English speakers.

* Then we have to make sure that the spelling and/or pronunciation of the new word doesn't create any confliction with other words which already exist in English.

There are many words which sound the same or are similar, but which have different meanings, so if they are not pronounced correctly then there is a high risk that the people listening, will either not understand what you say, or they might understand something completely different!

2. Keyword stress and pauses within sentences are also important to allow people to understand exactly what we want to say. It's important for us to emphasise the specific words which are the most important in any sentence, and to make pauses whenever necessary.

For example, if we say:

"We're hungry, so let's eat, Granny"
then this means that I'm telling my Granny that both my Granny and I are hungry, and I'm suggesting that we should eat something.
but if we say:
"We're hungry, so let's eat Granny"
then this means that I'm telling you that both you and I are hungry, and that we should eat my Granny!

Here are some examples of words which sound similar, but which have different meanings:
"Can you close the door because it's too close?"
"I've made plans to buy some new plants for our garden."
"I used to put my mind to good use, but now I don't use my brain because I'm lazy."
"Can you tear off a piece of paper to wipe the tears off his face?"
"I can't bear to see bears or birds when I drink beer and I'm bare with only a beard on my face!"
"They might give me a present if I present their new product in the presence of our clients."
"He read a red book and then is going to read the instructions which will lead us to where the lead pipes are."
"She likes to walk to work with a wok, and she also likes to write a new word every day for everyone in the world".
"This one is better than these ones, but then it's not much better than those ones".
"We need to assure them that it's best to insure their car fully, to ensure a full refund in the case in which they cause an accident."
"I thought that we had to go through the tunnel, because that's what I was taught, but I think that that would be tougher though".

So what are you waiting for?!

Go Speak English, and test how good your pronunciation is, with our fantastic Read and Record service in the Video Learning section!
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