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How to make people Listen

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Hi there!


So how can you get people to listen to you?


Here are some tips and advice on what to do:


1. Listen

Be patient, and listen attentively to everything that someone is saying, and don't be too quick in thinking about what you want to say, while they are still speaking.

If you listen carefully to other people, then they will also listen carefully to you whenever you speak.



2. Wait – good timing

Don't speak too early, nor too late.

When other people are speaking, you need to listen to them, and wait for the appropriate time for you to intervene and say something.

If you wait and listen to them, then they will wait and listen to you.



3. Speak appropriately

When you say anything, always try to keep it simple, and to the point.

If you give too much information, or too little information, then people may find it difficult to understand you and to follow what you want to say.

Listen carefully to everything that everyone is saying, and then you will know exactly what to ask them, or which comments to make. When you do this, people find it easy to listen to you.



4. Be convincing

If you want people to listen to you, to be accaptivated by you, and to believe in you, then you have to speak in a convincing way.

You need to speak a confident, self assured manner, and you have to really feel and believe what you are saying. If you do this, then other people will follow you whenever you speak.



5. Be interesting

Use as many adjectives and adverbs as possible to enrichen whatever you say, and to make everything sound as interesting as possible.

Also use voice intonation. When you emphasize specific key words, and put energy and enthusiasm in the way you speak, then people listen to you with all ears!

When you speak in an interesting manner, people always feel more involved, and they enjoy listening to you.


So, now that you know how to get people to listen to you, try watching some other video lessons on GoSpeakEnglish and listen very carefully so that you'll be able to answer all the questions in the quiz!

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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