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Success with Girls

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Success with Girls


Hi there!


Do you know what to say or do, to attract any girl, and make her interested in you?


Well, here are some very good tips and advice on what to say to women and what to do to make them want to be with you:


1. Secrets


Tell her an interesting secret about yourself. Talk about something unusual or sad that happened to you, and express your emotions as a man, but also as a caring person.


Then ask her: What about you? Do you have any secrets to tell me?


After you tell her a story about yourself, then she will feel more open, and want to share something about herself, with you.


While she is talking, listen carefully to her, look into her eyes, and be empathetic and understanding towards her.


If you feel the moment is appropriate, then you could try placing your hand on her hand, or shoulder in a comforting way, but you have to do this in a spontaneous and natural way.


By sharing secrets or personal stories, she will begin to feel as if she has known you for a long time, so she will begin to trust you, and feel close to you.



2. Desire and neglect


Make her feel desired, and then make her feel slightly neglected.


Give her some nice compliments about her eyes, her hair, her voice, or her clothes, but don't be too romantic about how you say everything.


While you are telling her something nice, remember to look intensly and deeply into her eyes.


This will get her full attention, and she will feel totally absorbed by your words, and she will really appreciate that you spontaneously noticed something nice about her, without her asking you anything first.


Then, after giving her a few compliments, it can be a good tactic to make her feel a little bit neglected.


This can be done by making her feel slightly jealous, but not too jealous which could have a negative effect.


For example, you could try glancing quickly at another good looking girl who passes by.


The girl you are talking with, will notice that you looked at another girl, and she will begin asking herself if you think that the other girl is more attractive than she is. Then she will try to win against the other potential opponent, by showing you the best of herself, and trying to keep your undivided attention.



3. Be funny and positive


Women like to listen to guys who say funny things, and who are also positive, even in difficult situations. Women like to feel happy and reassured by strong minded men who can make heavy situations seem lighter.


Even if you're not a good looking man, if you make a woman smile or laugh in the right way, then she will definitely want to see you again.



So, now that you know how to be successful with women, try inviting them to GoSpeakEnglish and see if their English is as good as yours, by doing the quizzes together!

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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