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Success with Men

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Success with Men


Hi there!


Do you know what to say or do, to attract any man, and make him desire you like no other woman?


Well, here are some very good tips and advice on what to say to guys, and what to do to make them want to be with you:


1. Sex or no sex?


There are many different opinions on how long you should make a man wait before giving him the opportunity to make love with you.


There is no right or wrong answer.


You can let him understand that he can begin to get physical with you, whenever you decide, whenever you prefer, and for whatever reason.

The important thing is that you make him understand that when you do give him permission, he feels like he's the luckiest man on earth.


You have to let him know that it's You who made the decision, and that he can't take it for granted when or where he can have sex with you.


You, as the woman, should always say: Yes, or: No, whenever you want, and for whatever reason you want.


In this way, men will respect you, and not take you for granted.

Then they will become intrigued by you, and they will want to see you more and more.



2. Compliments and Understanding


Men love receiving compliments in general from women, and they really appreciate when you show genuine interest, and understanding while they are talking about their work or life projects.


Ask them questions about their work and personal interests, and then listen attentively to their answers. Remember to look into their eyes, and to do other things such as tilting your head to one side, and playing with your hair. Guys just love all of that attention and interest you show them.


The more genuine compliments you give a man, then the more he feels like a real man, and that increases his desire to be with you, so that he can get some more.



3. Be feminine, intelligent, and sexy


All women are different, and have different ways of being feminine, intelligent, and sexy.

The important thing is for you to understand your type of man, and then when you meet the potential Mr Right, you need to be yourself.


Bring out the best of your feminility by choosing the right kind of clothes for your body, and personality.


Use your wit and intelligence to make your man increasingly more interested and intrigued by your mind.


Flirt appropriately with him in a stylish, subtle, and original manner, which will make his level of passion for you, grow immensely.


So, now that you know how to be successful with men, try inviting them to GoSpeakEnglish and see if their English is as good as yours, by doing the quizzes together!

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!




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