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Successful Life

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Hi there!


So how can you be successful in life?!


Here are some useful tips and advice on how to live a better life and gain success in everything you do.


1. Think Pink

Life is like a mirror, so when you think in a positive way about things, and when you are optimistic and nice to other people, then good things happen back to you.

If you give good Karma, you get good Karma.



2. Think Big

Don't put limitations to anything constructive that you do.

Push yourself to the limit, because the sky's the limit!

If you manage to do something well, you can always try to do it better and better.

If you do something for a few people, you can always try to do it for everyone in the whole world!



3. Be Confident

Always be confident and have a good self esteem.

Even if you don't feel confident or self assured, just convince yourself that you are feeling confident, and say things to people, in fluent and convincing way.

It works!

Other people will see you as a confident, and self assured person.



4. Think and Do

Think about new ideas and make plans for your future...and then do them!

Put your ideas and plans into action, and complete them as quickly, and as well as possible.

You'll gain a great deal of satisfaction when you become a "dooer".



5. Wake up with purpose

Every night before you go to sleep, think about what you want to do the next day, then when you wake up in the morning, you have a list of things to do with purpose, energy, and determination.



6. Do what you do best

Think about the things that you like to do best, and do them!

When you have a strong passion for something, you will always do it very well, and you will also enjoy life.



7. Don't be afraid of failiure

If you try something and it fails, it is still much better than not even trying something without the possibility of succeeding.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!



8. Believe in yourself

You are who you are, and you have strong points and weak points, just like everyone else in the world. Sit down one day and think about what your weak points are, then try to improve yourself, and use your strong points to bring out the best in yourself.

If you believe in yourself, then other people will believe in you!



9. Avoid bad and Seek good

Avoid things and people you don't like in life, and look for things and people, you do like.

You'll know what all of those things are, because when something bad happens, you don't feel good, and when something good happens, you feel great!



10. Be yourself

Always be yourself. Never wish that you were someone else.

Other people will always appreciate you when you are honest, and you are your true self.


And remember...

All men who live, die.

Not all men who die...have LIVED!


So, now that you know how to be successful in life, try watching some other video lessons on GospeakEnglish and learn some more useful pieces of information.

Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon!



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